Devlog # 8 – Equipment and stuff



One of Dragon Evos biggest strengths has always been its way of mixing traditional TCG battles with well-known elements from RPGs and MMOs. We’re glad to finally be able to reveal another game element in this hybrid – equipment cards!

Equipment cards are item cards from a wide range of types such as the familiar “Wooden training sword”, “Broken leather armour” to ammunition for your archers like “Jagged arrows” or “Spiked knuckles” for your villagers. These equipment cards have basic enhancements properties – examples include “+1 melee DMP” giving you increased defence for your melee units, “-2 melee AP, +1 DMP” for your combat armour, and more.

We have updated all starter decks, so they are equipped with certain items from our equipment pool. So how does this work in practice? Glad you asked!

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Devlog #5 – 2016

Welcome to this first devlog after our early access launch!

Early access

And what a launch! We were thrilled to release Dragon Evo into Early Access. The first 7 days saw 14 new early tester as well as some previous testers. In total we’ve had about 30 users testing Dragon Evo this week. We are very grateful for everyone who have participated so far, and hope you will continue to log in.

New server

We quickly identified some sluggishness in our server solution after the EA launch, and decided to migrate to a different server which would let more users test without experiencing lag and slowness. The new server is up and running and testing is silky smooth again.

New functions

We have added a simpler way for players to surrender and/or return to the lobby. From within the game window, click the “Menu” button in the top of your screen to either abandon the game or go to the lobby while you wait for your opponent.


We are also working on some extra features for you to be able to invite offline users by selecting them and inviting them to a new game. This will send them an invitation and you can play together. It’s not quite ready yet, but we’ll launch it as soon as it is.

That update will also include functionality so that if you start a new game with someone who goes offline – or it becomes your turn while you are offline – the game will notify you or your opponent by email.


Decks were reset during the weekend (as part of our EA weekly deck reset). This gives you the opportunity to select a new faction and/or be dealt a completely new deck in your current faction.

Mobile version

Dragon Evo is available to every device running a modern browser. Our initial mobile release is having some issues on iOS devices (webkit browsers) that stops it from navigating further than the first screen. We will be fixing this soon, but in the meantime you can play Dragon Evo using any android device.


Game guide

We are continuously working on the game guide, and we encourage you to help out with any parts of it you feel could use with an update. We’ve even brought on board a new team member to focus on the game guide.

See you in-game!

Devlog #4 – 2016

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to another weekly development update. Early Access! Woops, that slipped out early. Anyways, read on!

Focus this week has been stability, balancing, rebalancing, bug fixing, polishing and rebalancing again.

Early Access! It’s hard to keep it inside.

We are going online tonight, Monday 4th, and we really hope to see you online.

The Early Access is open for anyone – create an account at
If you find any issues, please fire off an email as soon as you can to

Profile page

During Early access you cannot buy new cards, but every Hero will reset once a week (Sunday night) to allow us to perform rebalancing, and let you try out different factions. Keep in mind that the starting deck card properties are not fixed – the number of cards and type of cards are fixed, but the cards you are handed will be unique every time. So if you are not happy with your deck, wait until we reset your profile hero.

Ramp it up to 11

A big part in the balancing is the deck size. This along with damage and attack cost has a great influence on the game length, and so this week we have experimented with several deck sizes to give  you a good and not tedious game.

Previously the deck size was set to 8, but our playtesting revealed this was too low. Doing a complete rebalancing of the cards not only reduced game time, but also allowed us to increase the deck size to 11.

Game Guide

We have updated our game guide with the latest images and rules. There is still a lot of work to be done, but this will help you get started. Check it out here

Gameplay effects

Some minor effect change this week:

  • Attacking all and adjacent now only shows 1 main animation
  • Flip/placement sound for cards have been added as well


  • Attack spread fix
  • Flip sound when placing cards
  • New updated profile page
  • Rewritten card dealing code
  • Layout improvements in lobby game list
  • Added “Online players” list in lobby
  • Card & Action rebalancing
  • Starter pack size and composition
  • Removed repeating sound for health regeneration

Devlog #3 – 2016

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to another weekly development update. The focus this week has been two-fold: getting the game into a state where we can start inviting early alpha tester to join in our playtesting, plus adding initial support for playing the game on mobile devices.

Character creator

One part of the RPG elements in Dragon Evo is your own character. We added a simple character introduction wizard, so you can create your character and set a couple of basic traits. Expect this wizard to change, but for now this is the minimum needed to get your profile initialized.


More game table backgrounds

As the card battles are supposed to take places in various locations all over the Dragon Evo world, we’ve added more board textures to the game board. This brings the total of different board textures up to 7, including the original table texture.


New effect: Stun

Last week we started implementing support for effects, and the first effect to be added is “stun”. A stunned card cannot move or perform actions, and the stun effect can vary from 1 to several turns. When a card is stunned, an effect sticker is added to the card showing you the duration of the stun effect. This effect sticker is removed when the card is no longer stunned. The stun effect can apply to opponent cards as a result of an action, but is usually applied to your own cards.


New effect: Bleed

The second effect to be introduced is “bleed”. Some actions will cause a card to start bleeding, meaning it will take damage on subsequent turns. The bleed effect is also shown as an effect sticker, showing the amount of damage the card will take in the next turn and the duration of the effect. The bleed effect will only apply to opponent cards.


New action property: “Attacks all cards”

We already had support for attacking “All cards on the same row”, “The card behind” and “Adjacent cards”. This week we added the property “Attacks all cards” for extra powerful attacks. Only a select few actions have this property set, and they will cost alot.

Mobile version

We’re developing a game that is supposed to run on *all* platforms, especially mobile. We have some awesome ideas for playing the game on mobile devices, but in addition to this, we want the game to be played in full on a mobile device, almost as you would on desktop.

This week we have taken one step in that direction by making the base game available on mobile browsers. We will be making changes to the mobile gameplay, but for now you can play the game on your mobile browser or in your desktop browser however you choose. All effects are available in the mobile version, of course, so you won’t miss anything.


Game screen changes

We have updated the in-game avatar containers, so they are a bit more stylized. We will have to re-cut most of the avatars to fit the new avatar containers better, but these are likely to be the final avatar containers.


Gameplay effects

A silent and static game is a boring game. We added several effects to liven up the gameplay:

  • Cards now shake if they are clicked when inactive. This provides immediate feedback on what can be done in the current situation. We also added a separate animation when clicking stunned cards so you see that it is stunned.
  • Health reduction and health increase is now animated with a +/- health bit flying off or onto the HP.
  • The start-of-turn “replenishments” (regenerated health, gold increase) has also seen some added animations and sound effects so you can easier see what’s been added.
  • More sound effects were added for attack, damage, gold, and health; “Your turn”, and “Game over” / “Win”.
  • Effect animations (when an effect sticker is added to a card) have been added.
  • Hover feedback: when you hover your mouse over a card on the table it will provide visual feedback on which cards it may attack, or the gold pile for “Forage” or “Trade” actions.

Card changes

But wait, there is more! All low level starter cards are now ready for play testing and we have moved on to a new card set this week. This will give you more cards to play with in the pre-alpha version. We are also working on a updated layout to show you the card level as well. Here is a mockup, showing how we envision the card level can be shown.


Gameplay video

As promised, here is a pre alpha gameplay video of the game.


  • New updated in-game avatar containers
  • More board textures
  • New profile page
  • Effect stickers
  • Stun effect
  • Bleed effect
  • Added new cards for the starter pack
  • End game banner with XP and gold increase
  • Card penalty rounds
  • Music mute button
  • Fullscreen button

Devlog #2 – 2016

Hello everyone.
Another week has passed, and here is another summary of things that happened in the past week.

Design changescurrentgame150616
As you can see from the new board layout screenshot we have finally added user avatars in the top corners. This makes for a more social experience, and lets us play with features such as custom chat bubbles, taunts and much more. We also moved the resource slots next to the avatars, where they belong.

After much play testing and discussion, we’ve also decided to reduce card equipment in decks and in-game from 5 slots to 2 slots. We feel this better strikes a balance of giving you more a strategic choice when equipping your cards and at the same time deliver enough customization and variation in deck building without it becoming tedious or just a case of “load all item cards on all cards”.

The game menu now features links to the Gamepedia wiki, where you can find card and faction information, lore, as well as an in-depth “How to play” game guide. The wiki is user-driven, so feel free to sign up there and help us make it better!

Several effects were added to liven up the gameplay:

  • Cards now shake if they are clicked when stunned and/or inactive. This provides immediate feedback on what can be done in the current situation.
  • Health reduction and health increase is now animated with a +/- health bit flying off or onto the HP
  • The start-of-turn “replenishments” (regenerated health, gold increase) has also seen some animations added so you can easier see what’s been added.
  • Sound effects for attack, damage, gold, and health; “Your turn”, and “Game over” / “Win”
  • Stun effect animation has been added as well.
  • Hover feedback. If you hover your mouse over your cards or your opponents cards it will provide visual feedback on which cards you may attack, or the gold pile for “Forage” or “Trade” actions.

A “Your turn!” banner has been added to better indicate the beginning of a new turn, as well as an “Game over!” banner to finish up the game.


Card changes
The action pool (available actions for each card when being generated) for all starter pack cards have been balanced so they all have three or more different actions that can be generated when dealt.

Next week
Next week we hope to bring you even more and a pre-alpha gameplay video as well.


  • Ingame chat is now visible in-game, not just pre-game
  • Avatars are shown in-game
  • AP and gold pile moved to avatar location
  • Online / offline checks
  • Updated action pool for all starter cards
  • Stun effect on cards
  • Stun duration
  • “Your turn” banner
  • End game counter
  • 1 card action per round
  • Updated Adjacent etc damage calculations
  • Cards inactive effects (shake & sound)
  • Health regeneration animation
  • Card equipment reduction from 5 to 2.
  • Sound effects
  • Several bug fixes

Changes, changes everywhere


54127602This post is about changes coming to dragon evo.
A while back we started rewriting most of the game and a lot of the old codebased was scrapped and rewritten from scratch.
All the code work that has been done so far is not yet visible and so we don’t have too much to show you just yet, but it lays the foundation for the future updates, new gameplay, gamemodes and functionality.

In the new version you will find gameplay is quicker and more intuitive, reduced load times and increased performance.
Game rules has also changed a bit and more features will be added than was available in the previous versions of Dragon Evo.

One of the weak spot last time was the lack of official guides and information about the game, and so we have been so lucky to connect to have Gamepedia host
our wiki and offical forums. (More info on this in our next post).

The website itself will get some smaller changes and updates the upcoming weeks, but meanwhile here is a screenshot from the new Game Menu:

Game Menu