Devlog #12 – Achieve all the things

Another week…month, another update… just took a while 🙂

If you have been playing Dragon Evo for the last few months, then you have not. We discovered some fundamental bugs in our server code that had to be fixed to prevent us running into issues in later versions. We decided to hit the pause button to dig deeper into the code to resolve the issue.

With that fixed, we’re back on track, so onwards with the devlog!

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Devlog # 8 – Equipment and stuff



One of Dragon Evos biggest strengths has always been its way of mixing traditional TCG battles with well-known elements from RPGs and MMOs. We’re glad to finally be able to reveal another game element in this hybrid – equipment cards!

Equipment cards are item cards from a wide range of types such as the familiar “Wooden training sword”, “Broken leather armour” to ammunition for your archers like “Jagged arrows” or “Spiked knuckles” for your villagers. These equipment cards have basic enhancements properties – examples include “+1 melee DMP” giving you increased defence for your melee units, “-2 melee AP, +1 DMP” for your combat armour, and more.

We have updated all starter decks, so they are equipped with certain items from our equipment pool. So how does this work in practice? Glad you asked!

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