Devlog #12 – Achieve all the things

Another week…month, another update… just took a while 🙂

If you have been playing Dragon Evo for the last few months, then you have not. We discovered some fundamental bugs in our server code that had to be fixed to prevent us running into issues in later versions. We decided to hit the pause button to dig deeper into the code to resolve the issue.

With that fixed, we’re back on track, so onwards with the devlog!

PS: Come join us on Discord:

Achievements and rewards

We really want to encourage people to come back and play more often, so to reward players who log in regularly this new update introduces rewards for daily logins, giving you gold and cards for logging in regularly.

We’ve also introduced several achievements which will also give you cards and gold as rewards. Give the updated profile page a look to see what achievements are there for you!

Item cards

Some achievements or login rewards will give you item cards. These cards are not usable yet, but will give you a small sneak peek at our next upcoming major feature. Item cards may change the course of a battle in an instance – adding a shield to a unit or healing one of your damaged cards before they die!


Deck selector

Heading into a game and selecting your preferred deck, you will now see a slightly improved deck selector. This improved deck selector will give you more information about the different decks – number of cards in your deck, combat power, faction, etc. We will add more features to this view later on. Here is a first view of the new deck selector.


We have surpassed 1600 registered users! Well progressing to 2k!


We uncovered several game breaking bugs and have been on it to fix many of these lately. Please report any bugs you find to “support”at”” which will help us crush them faster, or join our Discord server, here:


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