Midweek update #3

Welcome to a new midweek update!

New cards on the market

After the market release we have currently been focusing on solving bugs, balancing card cost, etc. We are play-testing 5 new creature cards and 5 new items cards this week, so please go buy them from the market and see how they play out in-game.



We are currently closing in on 800 registered users! Our minds are blown! So many of you are playing at the same time! Obvious NMS jokes aside, we have seen an increase in multiplayer games and we do hope you continue to play, buy new cards and build stronger decks.

Gameplay tweaks

We have made a tweak to the ruleset for health replenish. Previously, all creature cards that didn’t have 100% health could have their health replenished after each round. After this update, however, any cards that received damage in the latest turn do not get health replenish until they have gone a full turn without receiving any damage. This should make a huge impact on mid- and end-game progression.

Another gameplay tweak we have made this week is linked to gold generation per turn. We are currently experimenting with increase values for gold generation both for fixed amounts and GPT card values. Please let us know how this wor

Invite to play

Since the previous update you could invite people to a game, but chances that the email would end up in spam was rather high. We have made some changes to the way emails are sent out and you should now receive these in your inbox instead.

Up next

Our next release will introduce card CP and deck CP (combat power). The CP value for your cards will allow you to see how your cards compare against each other. Building a deck with the highest CP value will play a crucial role in battle scenarios in the Single Player campaign and individual quests. Deck and card CP will also make it easier to compare decks and cards in tournaments and upcoming multiplayer modes.

Card CP will be displayed on each cards description, and the deck selector will also get a small visual update to show the deck CP value.

Facebook all the things

If you find someone you like to play with, you can now add them as your friends. Friends will show up in your friends list whether they are online or offline. This lets you challenge friends and users who have been offline for a while.

We will also add a way to directly invite friends to play with you, even if they haven’t registered yet!

This weeks changes:

  • Added new gold generating rules to reduce end game grinding
  • Added new card icons when card affects opponents resources
  • Added 5 new cards to the market. 3 faction and 1 world card.
  • A good chunk of card balancing, still a long way to go on new cards though
  • Updated descriptions for several cards

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