Devlog #11 – This little piggy went to the market

Ever received a card you really did not care for? Perhaps one of your card feels as useful as a dull knife… now you can sell that guy to slavery and buy a fresh one of the shelf 🙂



Okay, so the bit about selling cards off to slavery, technically isn’t true, but somewhere down the line, we promise you’ll be able to sell off any of your unwanted cards. Until then, however …



Look at all those shiny new cards… aren’t they all pretty? Pretty powerful!

The market has now opened! As you earn gold by playing games, you can use that hard-earned gold to buy item cards, new creature cards not available in the starter deck, world creature cards and much, much more!

In the near future we will focus on getting the market stable, adjusting the prices to match the card properties and finding plus fixing any bugs discovered as we go along. We will also no longer be running weekly deck resets, and whenever we do card resets or updates, it will be announced specifically in advance (twitter), and we will reimburse you for any spent gold.

No fancy scroll effects in the market just yet – remember, still alpha 🙂

Updated ruleset

Another thing we’ve focussed on this week have been looking at changes to the ruleset. We’ve felt the early game, mid-game and late game was very fixed: early game – get all your gold-generating cards in play; mid-game – a bit back and forth; late game – slow drag as you neither have enough actions nor gold anymore to do anything useful.

So! We’ve made a few noticeable changes:

Action points (AP)

Several changes were made to action points cost and -generation. Playtesting showed a significant impact on the early game and the flow between rounds.

  • Placing cards onto the table now cost 1 AP every time, also during initial setup, and when replacing cards killed. The only exception to this is:
    • if you’re replacing a card on the table which is not yet in play (cards placed are in play only after your turn ends) with a different card from your hand, or
    • if you’re moving a card that is not yet in play onto a different slot.
  • You start the game with 4 AP. You can spend this to place 4 cards from your hand, or place fewer cards and keep extra AP for your initial turn.
  • Each round gives your 3 AP instead of 2.


Gold payout was consistently too low to allow for attacks in the mid- and late game. This meant the late game turned into an “End turn”-fest where the first to randomly get enough gold for an attack cost could attack. We wanted to break this cycle, but we didn’t want to nerf the GPT of your villager / peasant cards.

  • You now get 10 gold every round, plus any GPT generated by your cards. GPT is still indicated in the top left corner of your cards. If the card doesn’t generate extra GPT, it will still generate 1 per turn
  • We have changed the gold payout after each match, so it is actually possible to play to earn cards. We will tweak both the payouts and market prices in future updates, but currently playing two matches will earn you enough gold to pay for one decent item card, or one gold-generating creature card.

Damage resistance (DMP)

Some cards had high DMP when equipped in the new deck builder – it’s not uncommon to see 4 DMP cards in play. We didn’t want these cards to be super-powered defence machines.

  • Damage resistance have been RNG’ed so that it no longer consistently provides the damage reduction indicated by the shield symbol. Instead, it now provides up to that number, but this is randomized each attack. This means a card with 4 DMP can no longer consistently deflect all damage from attacks dealing < 5 damage.
  • We may change the deck builder to only allow one shield equipment per card. This is not implemented or decided yet.

In addition to the rule changes above, we also implemented upper and lower card limits in the deck builder – your deck can consist of between 8 and 15 creature cards. You can still create decks with fewer cards than 8, but you cannot play with these decks. If a deck has 15 cards, you can no longer add more cards to the deck.

You can read more about the new ruleset in our gameguide

We really hope the recent changes will make it even more fun to play.

See you in-game!


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