Devlog #11 – This little piggy went to the market

Ever received a card you really did not care for? Perhaps one of your card feels as useful as a dull knife… now you can sell that guy to slavery and buy a fresh one of the shelf 🙂


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“Mid”week update #2

Welcome to a new  midweek update.

Last week we released our biggest update yet – bringing with it tons of features along with some equally annoying bugs. These included exciting bugs like: “Why does my game window die when I try to challenge my friend?”, and “Why won’t my peasant awaken after someone smacked him on the head”, or “Should these villagers really be bleeding indefinitely?”

Thankfully, along with this weeks card reset we have resolved the issue with card effects persisting and game invitations, meaning you can now finally play through an entire game  without your cards staying stunned for all eternity.

We’re super satisfied to see that the new features (equipment cards, deck builder and more) are all working as expected – and we are really looking forward to adding even more features very soon.

We also see that more people are taking the time to play through matches in our multiplayer lobby – we hope to see you ingame, and there are still more features in store for you in our next update.

This weeks changes:

  • Fixed stun and bleed effects never disappearing unless the server restarted
  • Added card icons indicating when an attack will attack all opponent cards
  • Updated card stun badge to show also when the attack caused self stun
  • A good chunk of card balancing
  • Updated descriptions for several cards