Devlog #9

Hi everyone!

Time flies when you’re having fun! It also seems to fly when you’re sweating away adding tons of great features to your Early Access game, but noone tells you that while you’re in school. Anyways!

We’re currently super busy with one of our biggest updates yet, including the addition of equipment cards, the deck builder and the marketplace introduction. In addition to this, however, we’re also making a bunch of smaller changes that should make the gameplay experience more pleasant for everyone involved. So, here’s a quick update with some of the improvements coming in the next release.


Chat bubbles

Bubbles! Bubbles! Everybody loves bubbles! Now your messages and taunts can be read by your opponent even when they don’t really want to, since your messages will now appear to your opponents as chat bubbles next to your avatar if their chat isn’t open.

Speaking of sleeping donkeys, you can now click on your opponents avatar and taunt them with a random taunt. When playing the AI, they might even reply if you try talking to them. No guarantees, though, and we’ve heard they are pretty rude.

In-game event log

WHAT HAPPENED?! We’ve all had that feeling – turning your eyes away from the screen to grab a cup of warm chai tea and suddenly 3 of your cards are dead, your peasants have fled the board, one soldier is upside down and a third card is stunned, bleeding. What happened?! Luckily, you can now see the entire misery played out in the in-game log at the bottom right corner of the screen.

It will be styled better eventually and we’ve got some plans to improve it, but for now it will tell you the last 10 events of the game. You can also find these events inline in the game chat.

Continue game

To help you get back into your ongoing games, if you have active games when logging in, you’ll be met with this window


Clicking on a game in that list will take you straight to the game chat where you can chose to continue the game. Easier than pie!


More tweaks have been made to the profile page – it now shows your level as well as your selected race card, along with the number of games you have played and your MP ranking. This means you can now keep score of your games, your hard earned XP and track your progress towards the top position.



Decks will reset during the weekend as part of our Early Access weekly deck reset. This gives you the opportunity to select a new faction and/or be dealt a completely new deck in your current faction.

See you in-game!

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