Devlog #2 – 2016

Hello everyone.
Another week has passed, and here is another summary of things that happened in the past week.

Design changescurrentgame150616
As you can see from the new board layout screenshot we have finally added user avatars in the top corners. This makes for a more social experience, and lets us play with features such as custom chat bubbles, taunts and much more. We also moved the resource slots next to the avatars, where they belong.

After much play testing and discussion, we’ve also decided to reduce card equipment in decks and in-game from 5 slots to 2 slots. We feel this better strikes a balance of giving you more a strategic choice when equipping your cards and at the same time deliver enough customization and variation in deck building without it becoming tedious or just a case of “load all item cards on all cards”.

The game menu now features links to the Gamepedia wiki, where you can find card and faction information, lore, as well as an in-depth “How to play” game guide. The wiki is user-driven, so feel free to sign up there and help us make it better!

Several effects were added to liven up the gameplay:

  • Cards now shake if they are clicked when stunned and/or inactive. This provides immediate feedback on what can be done in the current situation.
  • Health reduction and health increase is now animated with a +/- health bit flying off or onto the HP
  • The start-of-turn “replenishments” (regenerated health, gold increase) has also seen some animations added so you can easier see what’s been added.
  • Sound effects for attack, damage, gold, and health; “Your turn”, and “Game over” / “Win”
  • Stun effect animation has been added as well.
  • Hover feedback. If you hover your mouse over your cards or your opponents cards it will provide visual feedback on which cards you may attack, or the gold pile for “Forage” or “Trade” actions.

A “Your turn!” banner has been added to better indicate the beginning of a new turn, as well as an “Game over!” banner to finish up the game.


Card changes
The action pool (available actions for each card when being generated) for all starter pack cards have been balanced so they all have three or more different actions that can be generated when dealt.

Next week
Next week we hope to bring you even more and a pre-alpha gameplay video as well.


  • Ingame chat is now visible in-game, not just pre-game
  • Avatars are shown in-game
  • AP and gold pile moved to avatar location
  • Online / offline checks
  • Updated action pool for all starter cards
  • Stun effect on cards
  • Stun duration
  • “Your turn” banner
  • End game counter
  • 1 card action per round
  • Updated Adjacent etc damage calculations
  • Cards inactive effects (shake & sound)
  • Health regeneration animation
  • Card equipment reduction from 5 to 2.
  • Sound effects
  • Several bug fixes

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