Devlog #1 – 2016

Pre-Alpha is getting closer and we want want to keep you updated on the progress of the game. As a result, we are launching the weekly devlog. Every Friday we’ll tell you about what has happened last week, and this first post kicks off with style.

Design changes

Ever evolving is our card layout. From left to right you can see some of the different stages the card layout has gone through lately to make the layout more appealing and easy to understand.


As you probably noticed, not only has the layout been streamlined, but we have also simplified the way attacks works per card. Where – previously – you had multiple attacks available per card, each card now has only one attack. In addition to making the cards easier to read and understand, this simplification of one of our core gameplay mechanics also means we can offer an even greater variety across the same card.

Now that one card has only one attack, that attack becomes part of what you consider the entire card, whereas before there was a visual and conceptual split between a cards basic properties (such as HP and DMP), and its attacks and their properties. This has already proven to simplify and specialize gameplay in ways we hadn’t even considered. It will be really great to see how this plays out.

Speaking of playing out – to give you a sense of how the new board layout will look like, here is a WIP screenshot of the gameboard as it looked earlier this week.


Immediately noticeable is the change from a one-row, five card layout to a two rows, lane-based layout instead. As one of our core gameplay ideas has always been about positioning and making the best use of ranged vs melee cards, we felt the previous board layout didn’t really play to the strengths of how cards varied in their properties.

This two-laned layout lets us experiment more with making ranged attacks more powerful, and positioning is now an important factor to keep in mind when placing cards – much more so than before.

Bear in mind that all elements in that screenshot are likely to be changed or tweaked in the future (and some have already been changed after the screenshot was taken).

To conclude the post, here is a change log for the past week. Enjoy!

Pre Alpha Changelog (0.3.1a)

  • New, improved card layout
  • Simplified attacks to only one per card
  • Move EP (adaptorite) pool off cards and make it a player pool instead, just as gold
  • New board layout with lanes and rows
  • Stackable AP(action Points)
  • New attack animations for each different attack
  • New “Card dies” animation
  • Starter packs for new players
  • Deck builder(wip)
  • Card equipment(wip)


For more information on how to actually play the game, head over to our WIP gameguide at Gamepedia.


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