Changes, changes everywhere


54127602This post is about changes coming to dragon evo.
A while back we started rewriting most of the game and a lot of the old codebased was scrapped and rewritten from scratch.
All the code work that has been done so far is not yet visible and so we don’t have too much to show you just yet, but it lays the foundation for the future updates, new gameplay, gamemodes and functionality.

In the new version you will find gameplay is quicker and more intuitive, reduced load times and increased performance.
Game rules has also changed a bit and more features will be added than was available in the previous versions of Dragon Evo.

One of the weak spot last time was the lack of official guides and information about the game, and so we have been so lucky to connect to have Gamepedia host
our wiki and offical forums. (More info on this in our next post).

The website itself will get some smaller changes and updates the upcoming weeks, but meanwhile here is a screenshot from the new Game Menu:

Game Menu



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